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  • I personally think they are both great leads so far (I'm at episode 22 currently). Chang Chen won't be able to compare to Mark as it is two different timelines so while I adore Mark's performance in 10MOPB, Chang Chen is also slowly winning me over with the portrayal of his character thus far - yes his looks are not exactly made for ethereal drama's like this, but he brings a very aloof and rugged aspect to his character. As for Ni Ni, apart from the terrible voiceover (her real voice is huskier), I adore her micro-expressions which brings a mischievousness and sassy quality to her character that's not as garish as her on-set father (Le Bo). Unpopular opinion.. but I really did not like Yang Mi's acting in 10MOPB, she was incredibly beautiful but sometimes I couldn't feel the intense moments of her character's sorrow, grief etc, but I'm getting that so far with Ni Ni. 10MOPB is still high on my list because Mark carried it through, given that there's still plenty more episodes of L&D, I have high expectations still and expect to see more character development from both Chang Chen (breaking out of the cold shell) and NiNi (character maturity).
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  • @pocky Yup, both extremes that are not favorable. Well, in the US, you shoot when the suspect is black or any minority #shotsfired #punintended
  • @anon that's a very kind way of putting it. I feel like mainland has only one rule: "If you can get away with it, do it." If you don't have to stand in line and can just push your way to the front, then do it. If want to charge customers 5RMB for the tissues they are gonna use on your table even though they are paying patrons, then do it. I rather not use the word "lazy", but cops don't know better because they are not trained properly. You NEVER question authority and there's way too many people in China, so you just learn as you go and don't need to be told what to do or how to do something right....a very Asian mentality especially Chinese.
  • The latest news is that Mainland Chinese audiences are claiming that The Mandarin is a character deliberately created by the West to be anti-China and are pretty much demanding that Tony Leung step down from playing the offensive role. Honestly, all this meddling from Mainland in the international movie industry is getting out of hand (this is just one in a long line of recent examples where China has deliberately tried to meddle in movies on an international platform). Basically anything that portrays China in a negative light is not allowed (even if it’s an event that is a legitimate part of history). In my opinion, these movies should stay away from trying to cast any artists from the Hong Kong and Mainland China markets if they want to avoid trouble...just cast artists who already work in the Western market, that’s the safest route....
  • @anon she's getting accolades for her serious role in Farewell.
  • I'm crossing my fingers that Awkwafina won't ruin this movie. Any other Asian but her.
  • Simu Liu, I really hope he doesn't get too bigheaded for Kim's Convenience. I like the show and I like him in it.
  • I don't know if the affair is true or not, but using $ to control your partner is not a good thing. Beside, if his heart strays once, he will stray again, and maybe next time, he will hook up with someone richer, and he's gone for good
  • Precisely. There's little meaning left in this relationship. I would just move on. What's the joy in having this dude physically besides you, just because you control him financially? Heart isn't there.
  • @msxie0714 I seriously never heard anybody saying they don't like women because of their chins. I think some very dumb actresses spread a news pple hating on her because she ain't have no V-shape chin. That is so ridiculously untrue because lots of most popular actresses don't even have V-shape chins. Here are some examples, these actresses might have a longer face vs wider face but their chins are not even in V-shape: Ariel Lin, Vicki Zhao, Liu Yifei, Cecilia Liu, Liu Tao, Ruby Lin, etc.
  • I dont know if the affair was true or not. However, its never a good sign if a person stays with your for money
  • @msxie0714 - Had this been in the US, the perp would've been shot 100+ times. Security/cops tend to be trigger happy. Shoot first, ask questions later.
  • Call me shallow but none of the 5 top-billed cast are great looking. Chang Chen looks way older than his 42 years, Ni Ni reminds me of a bare-faced Joey Yung and the other 3 supporting cast just don't look appealing. The sets are great though and had me reminiscing about Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I might just give this a chance because of its connection to the original drama.
  • @msxie0714 China is a police state in name, in practice, cops are generally quite chill there compared to the west. They don't like to stir the pot unless they have to. Most of the time they prefer to act as mediators and deescalate issues verbally instead of using physical intervention unless its necessary.
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