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  • @vortex123 To add to your comment, many mainland actors and actresses went to acting school in China and received theatrical and classical training. Their skills and talent are very obvious when they are cast in ancient costume dramas. From the few TV episodes of an acting competition show that I watched recently when requested to act out a scene in the competition, it’s very obvious that these actors had classical/theatrical training and can act and re-enacted the scenes perfectly well, yet they are criticized immensely by the judges for their lacking/in-accurate/over-expressive micro-expressions. I was sitting there thinking that if there was an HK version of this show in the mainland. Most HK actors won’t even be able to act out 30% to the level of these mainland competitors and will get trashed profusely by the judge.
  • Your title is conclusive that Fan Bing Bing has a body double in the movie, yet in the article, you raise the doubt that her "body double" can be another character in the movie. Your title states like it's a fact, yet the body of the article is speculation. Garbage journalism.
  • Reasons why the actors and actresses in China are better than HK is because those people went to University and studied drama. Those TVB majority are pagent girls but the rest are from the TVB class. TVB classes I heard have shorten the amount time to finish the whole class. Hong Kong has an academy of performing acts that provide degrees and diploma on drama. They should be like Mainland China recruit their actors and actresses there. That is how we got Vicki Zhao , Tiffany Tang, Zhang Ziyi etc. I am not sure if they are good actresses but at least better than TVB.
  • " Even when I have actors and actresses film for me, I do not require them to sign any documents. " My goodness!! Who needs lawyers when you have trust in people? haha LOL...
  • I doubt when Michelle hires minor support or extras, she does not sign contracts. Unless in China the employer is well protected, she could come to plenty of work related disagreements...
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  • @wm2017 Not really blaming the actors and actresses per say, more like I am blaming TVB's inability to scout, train and promote talent. Most new actors at TVB aren't qualified leads and 2nd leads. It's downright embarrassing. Promoting winners of pageants to be leading actresses was a stupid move to begin with.
  • Title misleading. Less interpretation and match the article's content. I get that articles need to be appealing, but it could've been described as Him being attentive instead of this~ The content of the article shows no sign of Him disliking Tavia to be on set.
  • @anon Yes, my mom watches tons of Cdramas quite a numbers of years already and she's totally given up TVB dramas a long time ago. When I visit her every now and then and saw glimpses of her series here and there I do admit most of the mainland actors/actresses can act even the younger generation. You just can't compare to TVB stars as 99.9% are Ms. HK's???? How can you expect them to act when all they did was compete in a competition and then straight to series. It's like apples and oranges. lol
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