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  • @jimmyszeto I think Wayne is great, but he is not perfect. Before Ruco was leading, they were in Forensic Heroes 3 together and it wasn't like Wayne blew him out of the water. Ruco was in a movie with Anthony Wong when he was much younger (Rape Trap). I didn't get to see it, and although I heard it was terrible, the few reviews I saw complimented how effective Ruco was. I think Ruco and Wayne can push each other. I do think he is more interesting when he is with better quality actors (Nina, Krystal, Louis Cheng, Joel, etc). Acting should be evolving, in order to improve, one must challenge oneself and learn from others.
  • @potatochip Putting Ruco in a series with Wayne would be a terrible idea. Wayne would make Ruco’s acting look very mediocre. It just wouldn’t be a good strategy to promote Ruco. Remember when TVB stuck Wayne in with Anthony Wong. We were all like ‘Wow, TVB’s best actor isnt even close to the level of this veteran movie actor’.....
  • Lol, already people is saying this drama plagiarised Ruyi (the one with Wallace Hou). How he will never ever change!
  • @taimanh024 Proves that mainland audiences like watching fake, pretentious, slow paced historical dramas. I guess they have plenty of time on their hands.
  • @jimmyszeto The colorful costumes, colorful palace, the fake background, slow-motion stuffs... It looks exactly like Mainland dramas style.
  • @taimanh024 Deep in the Realms of Conscience is a breakthrough in terms of fake colours. It’s as if a kid has threw a palette of paint over the tv screen.
  • As I am watching ep 20, it really is like a pararrell story with our ex PM's story as well. Most corrupted and yet still shows up as if nothing has happened, denied all involvement or rather someone else admitted they did it for him, he knew nothing or not full details, cunning wife doing dirty work and attempts to kill mistress (except in real story, the mistress was blown up), etc etc. It took us a general election to be rid of him and still he's there. For He Shen it takes a very determined emperor. I really dislike where this is heading. A person can't be so corrupt, taking money meant to help the people, bribing everyone, killing everyone, drowning a village for money and attempts to assassinate the king and still be noble and all. That is my singular criticism of ruco's performance. Everyone is s sure, so obvious where they stand but his he shen is not ambigous in nature but ambigous in interpretation when in entire series he did do what he was accused of doing, either he himself or in his name. I couldn't believe Dou Kau could ever forgive him. He wasn't some good official who did one bad deed. His hired gun tried to kill another official and ended up killing everyone. He is stained with blood and yet the series never really say so.And I dislike that. I perfectly understand why the king is paranoid. He has to be considering how many years he was bullied into submission. I hope He Shen dies. Oh he will but my guess is the king will be the biggest loser.
  • I couldn't stand Deep in the Realm of Conscience after the first episode, and when I come to Succession War without any expectation, it turns out to be great. Probably the best TVB drama in the recent years. Shaun Tam is overacting somehow, but I believe he'll improve in the next dramas. And, as someone pointed out above, the moment Qianlong confronted him about the poisoning, the moment of him shedding tears, his performance is awesome. I hope the following episodes would keep up with the quality. So sad to know its rating this low.
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  • Some of those abs look like they were airbrushed in lol. And you know since its an underwear ad, they're most likely stuffing to make it look bigger ha ha. But good on them. I'm sure they have pretty good physiques, especially Donnie Yen since guy is over 50.
  • I was afraid to gush prematurely, but this drama is awesome! I will try to be vague to not spoil anything. I am up to Episode 19 and it has everything - tension, mystery, romance, filial love... Jia qing finally relaxes and it was sweet to see. The scene between Ruco and Matthew hit so many complex emotional notes. I finally feel for Matthew's character. The scene where they all gathered to list Heshen's crime was so, so unintentionally funny. The "WTF is happening here?!?" expressions on their faces were priceless. My only complaint is that scene should have been filmed in the Grand Hall and that the episode should have ended there. The series is so good so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues this way.
  • @emiliachan I didn't know about the original casting info. Chris Lai would have been fine but I think Jonathan is doing pretty well. Tony Hung would have been TERRIBLE. Really, really terrible.
  • i really like succession war as a drama. the cast is really good for a tvb drama these days. one of the main things this drama caught my eye is also because of one ep = one day, i think this concept is new and pretty cool. as for the cast, ruco's acting is definitely amazing and brings out the character well, so i have nothing against him. shaun tam really does not catch my eye, his expression and voice is often the same but i'm gonna give him a chance since it's his first tvb drama. for the girls, selena and elaine are both good actresses and i think elaine is doing especially well in this drama. even natalie (which i didn't like after she got the award) exceeded my expectations. for jonathan and joel, their acting is acceptable. all the girls have good acting and look so pretty. and the little boys are so cute <3 p.s. if you didn't know, originally chris lai was meant to act jonathans role and tony hung for shaun tam. (does anyone think they would've been better or worse, just curious..) to be honest, this drama is produced extremely well and has a good cast and story line but the reason why it's ratings are falling is because of the world cup and the consecutive ancient dramas. the only thing i don't like about the drama is the white angel clan (idk what its called in eng), that part is boring and a bit unnecessary. ditroc is definitely not my cup of tea, although these two dramas are both headline and largely promoted dramas, succession war is way better in my opinion. just the fake colours in ditroc already hurts my eyes after watching the first half hour so i stopped. i have looked at snippets after that and it just looks like a lot of actresses having drama between themselves and does not have anything historically interesting. for succession war i'm actually excited to watch every night. hopefully, this drama's ratings can go up because i had high expectations for it and i genuinely think its a really good drama. since world cup is finished i hope people start watching it and raise the ratings!!
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  • They must be kidding. The four HOTTEST? or UN hottest? Pickings must be pretty slim. Does NOT matter how hot or UNhot Donnie Yuen is. Just never liked the dude from Day 1. In Singlish (local Singapore colloquialism) = I'd say he just gives off a 'yaya' (aka arrogant I think I am all that) vibe. But sorry dude, that look of yours isn't too hot. Esp not that perpetual constipated expression either. Alex Fong?!! Chokes. What in the world ... eeeeks! He is vying to take the trophy for UNcool and UNhot? :P
  • @jjwong Yes, Ruco would have been awesome as Jiaqing too. I would love to see Ruco and Wayne or Roger together in a drama. It's a shame that he is never in a series with a heavy hitter. Unfortunately, Natalie is the weakest link in this series. I understand he is suppose to love her for her survival grit, but she just does not fit the independent, tough fighter. Her kung fu scenes are quite weak. Although petite, I think Grace Wong would have fit this role better. It is refreshing to have so many intelligent characters - Heshen, Jiaqing, Qianlong, Joel, Elaine, Angelina Lo (even if she is a miscast), and even the butler are all smart. The "good guys" - Selena, the 17th Prince, the 11th Prince, Heshen's son and his princess wife, are actually not bland and are interesting. It's remarkable that almost every character, major or minor, in this huge cast has been given some background or motivation. They are all puzzle pieces that fit their roles.
  • @funnlim Agree. I like Charmaine so far in the trailer. Love her expression.
  • After watching the first couple of episodes I feel Ruco has found his mojo back after a poor couple of years...
  • @rika Yeh. He will get a taste of his own medicine. Let’s see how he feels...
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